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Sony NEX-5N Sensor Overheating Test


TalkEmount Regular
Sep 2, 2011
We know that recording long HD videos on even DSLR's do make their sensors heat up. One Sony NEX fan wondered if it's a challenge for those bulky DSLR's to record HD videos for long, how would his Sony NEX-5N Perform.

He Switched on his camera and started recording a video on his NEX-5N, alongside his camera, he also set up a stopwatch on his Smartphone to share with us viewers how fast this camera heats up.

So the camera could only take 23 Minutes and 22 Seconds of recording until it gave a warning and shut itself off to prevent any damage to the camera. :(

Full Story @ Foto Actualidad (The Link is translated into English with Google)


What do you guys think is it good enough or not?

Amin Sabet

Aug 6, 2011
For me, it's good enough. I suppose there could come a time when I'd want to record something lower than that, but it hasn't happened yet.


TalkEmount Regular
Aug 8, 2011
The problem is that sometimes you need a continuous take for editing later. For example, wedding videographers will often have one video camera setup on tripod to capture the entire ceremony in one long take ... which could be anywhere from 20 minutes to almost an hour. Usually they have a second camera with different angles and/or a different lens and they'll cut back and forth between the footage to give the bride and groom a video of the entire wedding.

If you are planning to shoot an entire wedding ceremony in one take with a NEX it might not be possible (unless it's a short ceremony).

The sad thing is that a cheap Flip minoHD video camera doesn't have this type of overheating problem. Of course, the video quality of the Flip HD is worse, but it doesn't overheat.

The only reason I mention this is that I was asked to record video at a friend's wedding and I was planning to use my NEX-3 for the long, continuous take until I discovered that it can't record for that long.

Not only that, but let's say you're on vacation or at an important event where you want to take a bunch of short videos in a fairly short window of time. You might only record clips that are 1-5 minutes long, but if you don't give the camera enough time to cool down in between video clips you might run into the same overheating issue after recording a dozen or so clips.

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