Sony Lenses on the bench: high copy variation.

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    You guys may have seen this or have a thread on it elsewhere. Roger at lensrentals has overcome some difficulties and is now able to properly test Sony FE lenses.

    I suggest a very close reading of this if you are into having the best lens possible, within your budget etc.

    There are a number of revelations. Both 35/1.4 and 90/2.8 have large copy variations. Sony lenses must have 2mm of optical glass placed in the path to get proper bench results, pointing perhaps to the well known cover glass issues.

    While I myself had my A7 modified by Kolari as soon as that became an option, and now it shoots my favorite lenses much better, I had seen many friends "take the native route".

    These revelations call that path into question if you like landscape and architecture. Copy variation in lenses like the 1635 have been the subject of some discussion, but now we actually start to get some numbers comparing many copies (of other FE), and compared to Canon's incredibly consistent 11-24 and some other very consistent lenses, Sony/Zeiss is not impressive at the moment. Caveat Emptor.

    If I shot the stock sensor I would: only buy native lenses from a seller who accepts returns; test the copy at infinity upon receipt; be prepared to try multiple copies to get a good one.

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