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    Sony Interview at "Medium format camera" No plan. Focus on current format...

    A few things that I am interested from the interview with no clear answers esp with the google translation:

    Q: What do you look for the "new features" in the future of image sensor?

    Most of the demand is focusing performance, that is, high-speed AF. When you importance to focus performance increases inevitably reading frame. Because if you do not raise the reading speed is AF speed does not come up. Are you pursuing in the future, high sensitivity in high pixel, and high speed in a single camera.

    Q: In the future, I think there is a possibility to replace from mechanical shutter in electronic shutter?

    There will be its potential. But that camera I think so does not have met with only convenience. When you turn off the mechanical shutter, in that sound, as human or will not receive a sense of accomplishment and that took the photos with sensual part. Just took, you may also feel like not only the result was allowed that was reflected.

    From full mechanical camera, convenience has increased Become a hybrid of the mechanical and electrical. Camera of the foot was spread in the evolution of the electrical performance of AF and AE. I would not rather talk of more and more electronic in its earlier, but, where sight is not I but it is functional value as a camera, there is I think important.

    Q: α7R and do you have any plans for mounting a body within the camera shake correction to α7S?
    α7R has to have a personality in α7R. Putting a camera shake correction might not be important. where you must cherish in α7S also α7S should there. I want to continue to support and assess the well there.

    α7 and α7 II want you to enjoy the image quality of full frame with confidence in a wide range of many customers. Is easy to take clearly photograph is better to have a camera shake correction at that time. And I was equipped with a camera shake correction to do so thinking α7 II.
    I guess they want us to buy 3 of each A7's to get each of the strengths instead of a camera with an e-shutter, IBIS & a high resolution sensor where you don't have to use a tripod to get a max return... So far only Panasonic is pushing e-shutter on its all cameras... I guess we'll see in a few months with the new A9...
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