Sony E-Mount lenses and the FS700?

Discussion in 'Sony Alpha E-Mount Cameras' started by RobertCBergman, Jun 26, 2014.

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    Jun 26, 2014
    How well do the Sony e-mount lenses work on the FS700?

    I'm getting the FS700R (have the EA50 currently) in a few weeks and might also get one or two lenses as well. For one man operations, stabilisation and auto focus are sometimes very useful. But the fiasco of the new 18-105/4 G-lens and it's pillow distortion and the reveal that the FS700 deosen't have any onboard correction made me wonder if this also affects other Sony E lenses?

    I already have the 18-200/3.5-6.3 PZ which I asume will work great as the FS700RH ships with it. But the other ones. Any yes or no's?

    I also have the old silver 50mm/1.8 which I find significantly slower for auto focus and face recognition than the 18-200 PZ on the EA50. Wonder if they've made any improvements in that regard on the new black 50mm or if it's just a cosmetic upgrade?

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    The FS700 is an E-Mount camera, so all E-Mount lenses are, of course, fully compatible.

    Also, "fiasco"? Yes, the 18-105 has some distortion, but it's not much worse than what I'd expect for a 6x zoom lens with constant aperture for that prize point. As for lens correction - having such a feature in a 4k camcorder is of course much harder on the CPU / GPU than in a stills camera, so that's why it doesn't support it.

    If you want distortion-free video, just buy lenses with less distortion. Examples are the Zeiss primes or even the 16-70 if you avoid the widest setting.

    The black 50mm lens is just a cosmetic change (not sure I'd call it an "upgrade"). Also, autofocus for video is generally not a good idea with E-Mount lenses as the AF usually either is too slow or changes too fast to look smooth. Also, the focus hunting which still happens now and then is reason enough to prefer MF (for me at least).

    And have fun with your NEX-FS700RH! That's an awesome camera.
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