Sony A7II plus Leica M Tele Elmarit f2.8 90

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  1. pbizarro

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    Nov 24, 2014
    These are just some example shots taken with this lens. I bought this one for portraits, and for isolating details when travelling. So far it is working great. Plenty of sharpness, lovely oof rendition, and of course built to last; after all, this lens is older than I am! All metal, smooth aperture and focus rings, what more do we need?

    It would probably make a nice "quasi-macro" with the Voigtlander Close-focus adapter.

    carcavelos_10_3_15_1_net.jpg carcavelos_10_3_15_4_net.jpg carcavelos_15_3_15_1_net.jpg carcavelos_15_3_15_2_net.jpg carcavelos_15_3_15_5_net.jpg carcavelos_15_3_15_6_net.jpg carcavelos_15_3_15_10_bw_net.jpg
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    Oct 11, 2012
    Nice results!