Sony A7 vs Lens Turbo (Speed booster")

Discussion in 'Sony Alpha E-Mount Cameras' started by RAWFA, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. RAWFA

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    Dec 25, 2011
    These are not scientific tests at all (neither are they fair, because the lens turbo is not as wide and because we are comparing a cropped sensor to a full frame one) but I thought I'd just throw them out there for the sake of it.

    What I did was simply to take my Sony A7, place it on a tripod, set all settings the same and test my Pentax 28mm f2.8, 50mm 1.4 and 85mm f2.0 with the Lens Turbo in APS-C mode (the generic speed booster) and with a regular Pentax PK adapter in full frame mode. All shots were taken wide open and I connected the camera to a 32inch HDTV to focus (I used the camera's full magnification assist). It really surprised me that the A7 was not able to achieve full focus and the lens turbo was. The corners are bad in both cases as is the overall IQ with THESE PARTICULAR LENSES wide open.

    Sony A7 with regular Pentax PK adapter and 28mm f2.8
    Full resolution

    Sony A7 with lens turbo and 28mm f2.8
    Full resolution

    Sony A7 with regular Pentax PK adapter and 50mm f1.4
    Full Resolution

    Sony A7 with lens turbo and 50mm f1.4
    Full Resolution

    Sony A7 with regular Pentax PK adapter and 85mm f2.0
    Full Resolution

    Sony A7 with lens turbo and 85mm f2.0
    Full resolution
  2. jai

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    Feb 4, 2013
    I have a speed booster, but I guess I would probably sell it if I had the A7?

    You lose resolution and it is also extra weight.

    But the test does seem to suggest the lens turbo isn't doing much harm in terms of sharpness and contrast?
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