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    I thought I would share some shots using the Sigma 60mm on the A7 as a follow-up to my earlier thread on using the the Sigma 30mm.

    The experience is similar to the 30mm overall: the lens is easily modified to remove the baffle and gain a slightly larger image circle to use on the A7. The 60mm coverage is probably 80% of full-frame if you want usable corners (just slightly less than the 30mm). Luckily, the 60mm is INCREDIBLY sharp, even at f2.8. Using clear-image-zoom at 1.2x gives pretty good coverage and the images are still very sharp after the camera upsizes to 24MP. Cropped, it comes to around a 72mm focal length.

    I think this is a neat lens to pick up if you're looking for budget auto-focus options on the A7. It's not very expensive, and gives you a much larger aperture than the kit lens, which closes down to f5.6 at the end of its range. Handling-wise, the 60mm is a bit longer than the 30mm, but nice and light. The longer focal length of the 60mm may be a bit too narrow as a good walk-around lens, although it will give you more opportunity to isolate your subject.

    Anyways, enough talk, let's see some pictures! First, the camera:


    One shot, not cropped, although processed on my Nexus 5 (brought over using the PlayMemories app):


    A cropped shot:


    Another cropped shot (slightly blurry due to my A7 choosing 1/60s):

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    Looking good.

    Again, as long as you are aware of the corner issue, totally useable.