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Sony a6600 Issue - Touch Focus Works in “Touch Pad Only” Mode


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Jan 1, 2020
I’m running into a bizarre issue with my a6600 and am posting here to determine if this is an issue with all a6600 cameras (possibly other a series cameras) or if it’s just mine?

With my camera hanging around my neck and focus set to Zone and Touch Panel/Pad set to Touch Pad Only I’m missing shots when raising the camera and EVF to my eye because the focus is locked to the bottom of the frame.

It took me a few days to figure out what’s going on. It seems there’s a software bug when flipping between EVF and LED that allows touch focus to work for a brief moment. The camera bounces against my body as I walk causing the EVF to activate while at the same time the LED rubs against my body setting focus to the bottom on the screen.

The workaround has been to turn off Touch Operation or hit the center button to Focus Cancelbefore every shot. I shouldn’t have to do either.

Im asking others to kindly watch the YouTube video of me reproducing the issue and to please try to reproduce the issue yourself so that I can determine if I need to return the camera.

I didn’t see any firmware updates. Maybe I’m overlooking them?

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