Showcase Sony 35mm f:1.8 Alpha Mount on NEX-6

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    Here is an image taken last night in a restaurant at a family birthday dinner. It happens to be my youngest grandson (14 months) with his mother.

    The camera was my NEX-6, using a 35mm f:1.8 Sony Alpha Mount lens on a LA-EA2 adapter. Shutter speed was 1/60 second, f-stop was f:1.8, and ISO was 1600. Focus point was my grandson, thus putting my daughter-in-law slightly out of focus and softening her appearance to match the emotion.

    Post-processing consisted of cropping to a 4x5 ratio, adjustment of the white balance to compensate for the indoor lighting, and minor bumping of the shadows to bring her hair out of a solid black into separable strands and let the contours be visible.

    4 Sept 2013-603867.

    - Tom
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    Great shot Tom.
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    +1 :thumbup:
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    Excellent pic, Tom.
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    Nice job Tom...