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Sony 12-24 GM


New to TalkEmount
Dec 9, 2020
Hi all ,

just started landscape photography with the A7R4 and the just acquired 12-24 lens.
As I am used to AF-C modus in general, the lens seems to pulse when focusing!
in AF-S no such issues!
neither with a9 camera.
of course for landscape , AF-S is mostly used , so I can change to Af-S , but the pulsing when stopped down , worries me a bit.
any comments from the members?All firmwares are updated as should!
Nov 13, 2012
The Netherlands
Pulsing, or hunting as it's sometimes called, occurs when you stop down to f/13 or smaller and use AF-C; it also happens when you move the focus point near the edges outside the PDAF (phase-detect-autofocus) area. The A7R4 needs at least f/11 to operate in AF-C mode and the focus point has to be within the PDAF area; this is by design, it's not an error or malfunction.

Edit: I see it's your first post, welcome!

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