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Some NEX 7 questions


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May 27, 2012
Hi all

I just got this camera, Sony NEX 7, but I am a little frustrated with some small things. I hope some of you can answer my questions, cause now I have tried so many things in the settings, and searched on google.

1. I have always been used to having the focus button on my thumb - so that the shutter button won't focus, but a button close to my thumb is (I hope I am making myself understandable - sorry for my English). Is this possible with the NEX 7? Can I set the af/mf button to autofocus? I mean, if I press and hold it, the camera will do the same as if I half-press the shutter button? And then the shutter button will NOT autofocus? I would love this.

2. When I use manual focus, and I twist the focus ring on the lens (I only have Sony 50 1.8 so far), I have to twist and twist and twist - from 5 meters to 30 cm., is just so long. Can you change this? I don't want to have to twist that ring so many times before I can focus closer or more far away.

3. Can you do something, so that the viewfinder stays on all the time? It's so frustrating that if I move my head or am in a weird angle or something, it will turn off because my head is not close enough to the little thing that turns it on. If you understand. So that the VF will just be on all the time, and not only turn on when I have my face near the detector or what you call it.

That's it. Thank you so so much for your help.

Best regards,


TalkEmount Hall of Famer
Aug 30, 2011
1. Yeah, you can do that for sure. I don't have a NEX-7, so I can't you tell how, but Eric Kim talked in a video about how he shoots with the NEX-7, and this was exactly what he meant. He uses the AF/MF-button, but you also may be able to reprogram the video button, which could be even more comfortable.

2. It's focus by wire. This basically means when you twist faster, it changes focus faster. So, say, you twist it half-way in half a second (just as an example), you're all the way from infinity to close focusing distance, but if you twist slower, you may just change the focus a little bit by twisting it half-way round, because this is meant to lock focus in the end.

3. No, not the way you may want. The reason for this is simply that the EVF draws too much power. But it could be possible to deactivate the sensor and reprogram one button to switch between LCD and EVF. Maybe someone who actually owns the NEX-7 can tell you more about it. (I would love to own it, but can't afford it unfortunately...)

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