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Aug 16, 2011
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Decided it was time to go take some pictures so I headed into the old Tbilisi neighbourhood of Sololaki. Unfortunately, it was an icy cold day and after a couple of hours my fingers were frozen. I did manage a few shots though, all taken with the NEX-5 and a borrowed SEL16mm lens which I still can't decide if I want to get or not - it might all come down to how good the forthcoming Sigma 19mm is. I also pumped up both contrast and clarity on these in LR.

Sololaki is one of the older parts of the city which has been largely untouched by attempts to modernise or restore which have been going on elsewhere. On the one hand that's a good thing because I get to see and feel the atmosphere of those neighbourhoods; on the other hand the more time passes the more the buildings crumble and decay to the point where they are beyond restoration. The first shot is a great example of one of these buildings.

DSC02477 by ...olli..., on Flickr

DSC02458 by ...olli..., on Flickr

DSC02467 by ...olli..., on Flickr​

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