Soft keys programming for NEX


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As of firmware 4 we now able to program soft keys to user choice options other than factory default. The question is ... What options did you set for soft keys to quick access, if you do at all? What camera mode it set with (i,P,A,S,M) and why? (hint: may be you use constantly legacy lenses and accessing one set of options or RAW vs. JPEG different options).



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I have the bottom button set for Shoot Mode and the middle button in the wheel set to pull up 3 settings, White Balance, Autofocus Area, and Metering Mode. It works out well for my style of shooting.


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It was only when I realised that customising of the buttons was going to be available that I aquired my NEX 3, fact on the same day and had to wait for the first charge to download the firmware,....the customising of buttons makes the camera useable in my opinion.

I have bottom button on 'manual assist' for use with Canon FD lenses,...the centre button/wheel is prog'd for 'iso', 'meter mode' and 'flash comp',...may change the flash comp later. I would like some other options but hopefully they will come later. instant change from single to multi frame would be handy.

I only use the camera on 'A', aperture priority, normally because my only E mount lens is the kit zoom so I consider f8 to be the only aperture that i want to use. This is both because of optimum image quality and also because there is no depth of field scale or guide and I have been training myself to instinctively know how much of the subject area will be sharp for any lens 'length'. When using Canon FD lenses the aperture is still paramount for most of what I do so teh camera has to proivide shutter speed. If I'm faced with an action subject I will probably change for that.


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Thanks guys very useful info. I am going to set "autofocus area" too. "Manual assist" probably will be my target as well. Is there any one else has opinion?