So Spring is fast approaching...

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    Jun 18, 2012
    I don't want to interrupt the Pic a Day thread at all but I have been thinking about a Spring self challenge. Daylight savings time is in a few weeks and those of use the the northern latitudes will see a lot more sun (well daylight at least) right away and at least in my case I'll have more opportunity to go out and get images. I thought I'd further complicate things each Sunday I'll picking a lens and sticking with it for a week for the duration of the week. It might be fun to only shoot with only my 70-210/4 or just the Sigma 19/2.8 for a week. Necessity is the mother of invention...perhaps creativity as well.

    I want to start on Sunday March 10th and go through May 1st (it's the Pagan holiday Beltane...and also my 52nd birthday). I plan to post daily and also try and keep up with the Pic a Day thread. I welcome anyone that wants to join in the fun.
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