Sigma 16mm f/1.4 lens $339

Focus Camera has this lens advertised for $339. Sony Rumors
However, that company has some pretty dodgy reviews. This lens is listed at $399 from Adorama and B&H. I have found that if an ad undercuts the prices from both Adorama and B&H by a significant amount, that ad is often bogus and sometimes is a bait and switch type ad. I am definitely not accusing Focus Camera of any shady dealings but, I think that I will pass on this one...
Has anyone had dealings with this company, good or bad?


TalkEmount All-Pro
I bought my A7ii through them. I understand your trepidation. I was a little uncertain about them myself, but they had the best deal so I went with them.The guy I spoke to on the phone to confirm that I understood the deal correctly (it was part of a Sony trade-up program) was easy to talk to and I do not recall being pressured at all. They bundled in a $200 gift card on top of the Sony deal, and everything turned out fine. I later used the gift card on a Manfrotto tripod, also went fine with no problems.