Should I buy a Lens Turbo II or something like one of the ultra wide Samyangs?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by cooltouch, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. cooltouch

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    Dec 17, 2014
    I've been trying to research this topic, here and elsewhere, but haven't had a whole lot of luck so far, so I thought I'd toss the question out to the groupmind and see what sort of feedback I could get.

    I have a NEX 7 and I'm actually quite happy with it. I bought it with the 18-55mm kit lens -- a lens that I've also been quite happy with, except for its reach on the wide end. I should also mention that I'm seriously considering purchasing an A7 because, as lowly as it might seem, it does what I need with a minimal amount of fuss.

    So anyway, I have two legacy lenses in particular that have been very disappointing on my NEX 7 -- a 17mm f/3.5 Vivitar (made by Tokina) and a 17mm f/3.5 Tamron. Images are, well, the best way I know how to describe them is they just look mushy. Not sharp at all. I've read that this has to do with the angle the light rays are bent by these ultra wides and that the NEX 7's sensor just can't capture them accurately. Or words to that effect.

    I see where people use Lens Turbos with lenses closer to a "normal" focal length and they get decent results, but to me, the entire point of using something like an LT is to be able to exploit focal lengths for their effect -- especially wide angles. Seems most of the comments I ran across was, "not recommended for 24mm or wider," but then these comments all pertained to the original Lens Turbo and not the LT II.

    So I'm wondering if anyone here has tried an LT II with lenses wider than 24mm and what sort of results they achieved? And if you'd be willing to post any photos showing the drawbacks, or perhaps positive aspects, I'd consider this to be most helpful.

    Or, conversely, might I be better off going with an ultra-wide designed for an APS-C sensor like one of the Samyangs -- maybe a 14mm or 12mm?

    And on a related note, since I'm thinking about getting an A7 -- if you have any experience with using an ultra-wide with an A7, I'd be interested in your results and opinions as well.
  2. GabrielPhoto

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    Jul 3, 2013
    I wouldnt get the LTII if your goal is wider lenses to be honest. I did not have very good results personally with the Canon FD 17mm F4 (it wouldnt focus as the lens will touch the LT ii glass) and for the most part, wider lenses will have issues on the edges (smearing look).
    As much as I enjoyed the LT II, FD 35mm F2 was the widest I enjoyed with it although I think I have read some people having good results with 24mm as well.
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