Shots in Low light : Rokkor 50mm f1.4

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    Dec 2, 2011
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    Minolta Rokkor PG 50mm f1.4, When I started using MF (legacy lenses) began with the Rokkor MD X 50mm f1.7 , after using it a few times I turned addicted to glass legacy.

    The focus is a dream, soft because you gets faster the focus thanks to the waffle-pattern rubber grip, this lems offering you perfect contrast and fenomemal sharpness , either for use in B / W or color. Now the heavy the 50mm f1.4 is my hero, this is an excellent handbook focus lens from the 1970s, but features very little barrel distortion, but in the PP could fix, I read that is better than the Nikon 50mm f/1.4 and some other Nifty Fifty.

    It's sharp at all apertures. It's a little less contrasty at f/1.4, but starting from f / 2 begins to roar. I'm a street shooter and like to walk around the city, a couple of months ago entered the challenge to do more photography at night and see what my nex7 is capable of doing with this lens in low light conditions.

    All shots were on Raw so after export in LR is always got some grain, maybe I need to learn more and i know that Cs6 would do a better job but I get laziness use by the interface of Cs6.

    New York City by Freddytto Robles, on Flickr

    New York City by Freddytto Robles, on Flickr

    New York City by Freddytto Robles, on Flickr

    New York City987 by Freddytto Robles, on Flickr

    New York City by Freddytto Robles, on Flickr

    New York City by Freddytto Robles, on Flickr

    New York City by Freddytto Robles, on Flickr

    New York City by Freddytto Robles, on Flickr

    New York City by Freddytto Robles, on Flickr

    New York City by Freddytto Robles, on Flickr
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    Wow. What a great set, Freddy. How you manage to get such beautifully composed, candid shots of the people of your city is a marvel to me. You must be invisible!
  3. Bimjo

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    Another amazing set. Nice job with these. :)
  4. claude

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    Jan 13, 2013
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    Again very cool photos.
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    Apr 24, 2013
    West Virginia, USA
  6. Jefenator

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    Way to rock the legacy glass! :D
  7. ecaggiani

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    Ed Caggiani
    These are quite impressive. I particularly love the colors (hot dog cart is vivid, and I love the diner shot). Very nice!
  8. addieleman

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    Ad Dieleman
    Incredible timing in these captures. I also like the way you use selective sharpness. Great stuff.
  9. Mattithjah

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    Freddy, I would like to travel to NYC only because I see your photos... Nice nightlife shots.

    But on photo with yellow cup of coffee, OOF circles look little awfull, why are they?
  10. NickCyprus

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    An excellent set of photos from an excellent street photographer and an excellent lens - so an excellent combination, lol :D

    The MD Rokkor-X 50mm f/1.4 is also my most used and all-time favourite lens - I find it 90% always mounted on the Nex ;)
  11. davect01

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    Great work. A fine example of why you want to shoot in color.
  12. ChangshaNotes

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