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Ships of the Fleet (Star Trek Edition)


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Aug 20, 2011
Fountain Hills, AZ
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So I recently bought this foldable softbox and finally got to mess around with it (thoughts at the end) with some of my Star Trek models.

A6000 and 50mm Minolta








NCC-1701 D


So this was a fun couple of hours. My thoughts and view of the softbox


1- Not a very big softbox. It fits these models but anything bigger and I would be needing something bigger.
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2- This softbox is foldable. Nice that I can fold it and put it away, but there are light bleeds in the corners. The inserts only cover two directions. And being foldable, it is not entirely rigid and has some flex.

3- The built-in LED strip is nice but anything shiny and it will have to be diffused.

I did all of this very casually, and handheld. I need to stabilize the box and pull out the tripod next time. All in all a fun experiment and a lot to learn.

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