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COMPLETED Several mint legacy lenses | Location: Other | Ships: Worldwide

Buy/Sell feedback for nianys (1)

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TalkEmount All-Pro
Aug 23, 2012
Buy & Sell Listing - Want to Sell
Selling</br> Several mint legacy lenses
</br>Prices</br> FD 50/1.8 : 50€, 65$, 40£.
FL 50/1.8 : 35€, 40$, 28£.
Hex K.AR 40/1.8 : 40€, 50$, 35£.
OM 50/1.8 : 35€, 45$, 30£.
</br>Location</br> Other
</br>Ships to</br> Worldwide
</br>Description</br> Hello fellow NEX users

Lately I have collected way too many manual lenses. Now that I have narrowed down my choice to a few I actually use, the others may go to loving homes. I'm in France, and would privilege sales to the UK and Europe for delivery reasons, however, I'm willing to ship to the US, and even take care of about 1/2 the shipping cost. So shipping cost will go as such :

France : 7€
UK : 5£
USA : 10$
Rest of the world, PM for a quote.

I'm pricing all those lenses TO SELL. I'm losing money on most of them in order to offer prices that are close to what you could find locally. If they're still more expensive than an eBay seller near you, consider they're all in MINT condition (unless stated otherwise), with flawless glass, described accurately by a fellow photographer AND using the same system you are (NEX), hence offering high reliability in setting your expectations for each lens.

Here are the candidates :

Canon FD 50mm F:1.8 Limited Olympic Games 1984 edition. In its original box (added collector value here). Like New condition. I have to strongly doubt it was ever used before I bought it. Probably sat in stock somewhere since it's release. The box shows age, the lens does not. Durable plastic construction. Optically a BRILLIANT lens, sharp wide open, very constrasty, "peaks" well, slightly colder to neutral color rendition. It's not lovable to hold, but if you're about end result, this is the 50 to get.
Asking 65$, 50€ or 40£ + low shipping (see above).

Canon FL 50mm F:1.8. I liked the FD so much I bought this lens in hope to retain the same optical quality, yet to have a nice feeling and looking metal barrel. And that's exactly what I got. This lens is very pleasurable to hold and shoot, with a nicely dampened focus ring, that is not "lose" without being stiff in the least. Optically it is almost identical to the FD version, with similar sharpness and about 85% of the constrast of the FD lens (which is not a bad thing, the FD is very contrasty). Very beautiful condition with clear and clean glass, barrel has very little wear. Micro particles of dust with no incidence on the pictures whatsoever.
Asking 35€, 40$, 28£ + low shipping (see above). Reserved to Selten - payment pending.

Hexanon Konica AR 40mm F:1.8 Pancake. Bought right here from Dixeyk. In perfect condition if it weren't for a light dent in the filter ring, which DOES NOT affect filter use (I've mounted one for kicks, and it went on and off with ease). Other than that, it's pristine. Optically a very useful focal length. Pancake format allows it to remain compact even mounted on adapter. Optically, it's a bit soft and glowy at 1.8, but at 2.8 already it's very sharp. Contrast is low, so is peaking. I heard it's very worthy for video. Lovely bokeh. A very good budget alternative to the way costier PEN 38.
Asking 40€, 50$, 35£ + low shipping (see above)-SOLD.

Olympus OM System Auto-S Zuiko 50mm F:1.8. Sharper version badged "Made in Japan" in front of the lens. Like New condition. Super compact, very cute, lovely build. A joy to hold and use, and optically cracking good. Beautiful color and sharpness, flattering skin tones rendering. Cool little gem of a lens.
Asking 35€, 45$, 30£ + low shipping (see above) Reserved to Selten - payment pending.

That's all for now, will list telephotos later.
Will send pictures both of the lenses themselves, and of samples, upon request.
</br>Payment accepted</br>
  • Regular PayPal (buyer adds 3% for this option)
  • Personal/Gift PayPal (violates PayPal policy and no buyer protection)
Shipping method</br> French post
</br>Shipping charge</br> 10USD
</br>Handling time</br> 2 days
</br>References</br> ebay, FredMiranda, m4/3User : nianys
</br>Additional comments</br>
  • Open to trade offers
  • Not open to offers below asking price (Price is firm)
  • Buyer must have a PayPal confirmed address
  • I have read and agree to the Buy and Sell rules.


TalkEmount All-Pro
Aug 23, 2012
FL and OM 50/1.8 are reserved to a board member, KAR 40/1.8 just sold.
I'm finally gonna keep the FD/1.8. I might list my lovely Super Takumar later. Will list some teles as well.
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