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Sensor size / m4/3 / comparative performance in general


TalkEmount Rookie
Aug 21, 2011
Hi all
Apologies for probably naive questions... but maybe I won't be the only guy coming up from a point and shoot wanting to upgrade but not sure whether Nex is right.
I've been shooting a v basic Canon point and shoot compact, 4 megapixels (less than most mobiles now :rolleyes: ...), nothing special at all, for about 5 years and it's finally packed up. I had a lot of fun with it and although it was budget it came out with some interesting images.
I stumbled across the Nex 3 recently in Moscow - a mate of mine has one and while I didn't have a go on it (a bit intimidating compared to my late Canon!), he recommended it highly. He emailed me the pics afterwards and I remember opening the first picture and simply being blown away by the sharpness and all round lushness of colour. The pictures were well composed in fairness, but even when they weren't... it didn't kill the pictures!
The c3 seems to be getting great reviews and seems to stand out on account of the APS-C sized sensor. What does this mean? That it is bigger than the competitors - like the Olympus Pen series that's about to break? The Pen epl3 for instance looks pretty neat to me, but is the image quality going to cut it? The reviews all seem to suggest the Sony is really quite a lot better than other m4/3. Anyone got thought? Does anyone have systems they can compare? And how much better is a SLR of, let's say, £500, going to be on pure image production?
Would appreciate any thoughts. Although frankly, am pretty set on buying one. Saving the pennies! :)


TalkEmount Veteran
Aug 7, 2011
Jasper, Indiana
The image quality of m4/3 cameras certainly holds its own. They are fine cameras and in comparison to the results you got from your Canon, I think you would be more than happy. However, three things drew me from m4/3 to the NEX system. First, the high ISO capability of the NEX sensor is incredible. Third generation m4/3 cameras still cannot surpass a first generation NEX camera in this aspect even though they come close. The second and third things that prompted my move are related. One was focus peaking, which is a much better way to focus manual lenses than anything found on a m4/3 camera. The other is the crop factor. My 28mm lens was an equivalent 56mm FOV on m4/3 but on the NEX it is a 42mm which is very near my favorite focal length of 45mm. The last two reasons were important because, for me , mirrorless cameras are all about being able to use manual focus lenses. Your needs may be very different.

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