Selfies and Cloudy Skies OH MY!

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    Here are a couple shots I took of myself before my family and I left to go grab some dinner. And some shots on the way to dinner. Taken with my newly acquired, previously owned, NEX 6. Mounted on it was the Vivitar 24mm f2.8 Minolta mount. All shot wide open. Edited with LR5 w/VSCO presets and adjusted to my liking and sharpened in CS6.

    Obligatory selfies! :biggrin: Don't mind the facial expressions. :p

    _DSC0033-Edit.jpg by yvesgajardo, on Flickr

    _DSC0034-Edit.jpg by yvesgajardo, on Flickr

    Clouds in the Skies!

    _DSC0037-Edit.jpg by yvesgajardo, on Flickr

    _DSC0038-Edit.jpg by yvesgajardo, on Flickr

    Near by auto store.

    _DSC0041-Edit.jpg by yvesgajardo, on Flickr

    We used my wife's parents mini van and this is their personalized dash cover.

    _DSC0043-Edit.jpg by yvesgajardo, on Flickr
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