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SEL55210 or SEL18200 ?

Eli M.

New to TalkEmount
Sep 19, 2011
I am currently owning a NEX-5 with the 16 mm pancake lens and the 18-55mm lens.
However, i have always been interested in the SEL18200 lens, but haven't bought it due to it's expencive price. Now that sony has announced the SEL55210
lens to be availabe in October i am getting very interested in that lens instead, especially due to it's price, that will be around half of the price for the SEL18200.

What is your opinion, will the SEL55210 lens be as good an investment as the SEL18200 lens ? :eek:


TalkEmount Regular
Aug 8, 2011
This really depends on your shooting preferences/needs.

For example, if you're mostly planning to use either of these lenses for wildlife (or zoo) photography then you might as well save some cash and get the 55-210mm lens ... because you'll be using the telephoto end of the zoom most of the time. However, if you're wanting a general use (all purpose) lens to capture whatever happens then the 18-200mm lens makes more sense because it covers everything from wide angle to telephoto.

The only thing I don't like about either lens is that unless you're shooting outdoors in sunlight you really NEED flash or extremely high ISO because of the slow apertures at telephoto.

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