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    In the near future we will be seeing some images from Always on Auto of the scenery around Sedona, Arizona - which is a gorgeous area. Knowing those images are coming has prompted me to dig out some of my shots from 2007 of a man-made landmark in the Sedona area - the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

    Technically I should not be posting these images, as I took them years before the first e-mount cameras were sold, but I hope that I will be forgiven. FWIW, the camera was a predecessor of the e-mount cameras - a Minolta 7D DSLR, using its 18-70mm "kit" lens.

    The first image is of the entrance to the church, and the second is of the view out over the valley in front of it.

    The third and fourth images are of the walkways up from the parking lot.

    The fifth image is of the front door and the sixth image is of the church interior.

    Sedona Church-1.jpg

    Sedona Church-2.jpg

    Sedona Church-3.jpg

    Sedona Church-4.jpg

    Sedona Church-5.jpg

    Sedona Church-6.jpg
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    An iconic Church set in a beautiful location
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