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SD Cards


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Sep 1, 2011
210miles North Of London
This might seem a daft question but I am not all that up on SD cards and there differences, so I am looking at one of these cards, Scandisk Integral 8GB UltimaPro Class 10 SDHC Card, to use in my Nex C3 (plus if I got one go in a Nex7) now is this card ok, a good choice or over the top?

Video is not a big thing for me although I start exploring it more.

Now film I can talk for ages about but SD card. :rolleyes:


TalkEmount Regular
Aug 10, 2011
The faster the better for writing the data to the card, but you'll need to look in the handbook to see what cards are compatible with the NEX-C3 as not all cards will work with it. Also, you may need to buy a new card reader as the reader you have might not be able to read the card. I had that problem a few years ago when I bought a faster card for my Nikon.

Cheers, Macjim.


TalkEmount All-Pro
Feb 4, 2012
New Zealand
I'm happy with my NEX-5N's performance so I suppose what I've got is fine, but it just occurred to me that I've never really put any serious thought about this subject. I'm now wondering if my camera's performance could've been better optimized had I bought a "higher than recommended spec" memory card.

I've had a play with speed-priority continuous burst at 10 frames per second and noticed that sometimes, a frame or two would be missing which disrupts the continuity of the captured motion sequence.

I've spotted the SANDISK 16GB SDHC UHS-I (633X) EXTREME CARD which apparently has a data transfer rate of 95mb/sec! I was told there's no advantage to be gained in getting this because 'logically' a card can only record as fast as the camera is able to send... but I do know for a fact that the 5N's phenomenal burst rate of 10fps is missing a frame every now and then. I'm wondering if the software/sensor is holding up the works or if the card can't write the data quick enough?

I've got the SONY Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo "HX" Series, 16GB capacity. The data transfer is supposedly 30mb/sec on stills and 15mb/sec on video.

What cards are you guys using?



TalkEmount Regular
Aug 19, 2013
London, England
The Sony Cards are 8 bit vs 4 bit for all SDHC Cards

I've seen a video on YouTube suggests it's as much as 3 time faster to use a Sony Card then an SDHC Card

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