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Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by Simsy, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Simsy

    Simsy TalkEmount Regular

    Dec 23, 2012
    Well tonight I was offered a bunch of free camera gear including 2 Ricoh bodys and several lenses to suite dose anybody know if there are adapters for these lenses to work on my f3. Im not exactly sure what lenses there are but there are some macros and a long telephoto at least and he thins there is something around the 50mm prime range as well.
  2. Bimjo

    Bimjo Super Moderator Subscribing Member

    Oct 28, 2011
    Washington State
    These Ricoh lenses should use a Pentax K mount adapter to work on your F3. Some of the Ricoh lenses had a pin in the mount that could cause them to lock on Pentax bodies, but that shouldn't be an issue on an adapter.

    Pick up an adapter and give them a run-through. There may be several worth keeping, especially consdiering what you paid for them. ;)
  3. Simsy

    Simsy TalkEmount Regular

    Dec 23, 2012
    yeah they are only going to cost me a bit of fuel to go up there and get them and I looked on eBay last night for a Ricoh adapter and found some reference to the K mount 1 and they only start at around $10 so total cost should be around $30 even if I only get 1 useable lens out of them that's a good price.
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