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Registered faces: Need to know how NEX 6 responds


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Dec 30, 2012
Los Angeles, California USA
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Brian Matsumoto
Hi Everyone,

This is only my second post, but I have a general question. When you use a NEX 6 camera and you have registered a face in the camera's memory, do you get the following preview when viewing the screen.

A magenta or grey outline square surrounding the registered face?

The reason for asking this is that I am writing a book on the NEX 6 camera. Having written one previously on the NEX-7, my coauthor and I noted that registered faces for that camera will be recognized and the square surrounding the registered face will be a magenta color. This is supposed to occur for the NEX 6 camera as well. However, so far I have failed to get the appropriate change in color on registered faces. The camera's face detection mechanism is working: it identifies faces. But it fails to give a positive response on whether it has recognized a registered face. Has anyone else noted this? Or does the camera work as the manual describes in the manner it should work?

This post is for fact checking and my thanks in advance for any who respond. The Sony technical support staff has not been able to help me in this matter.

Brian Matsumoto

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