Rabbit Mountain Sunrise/Rabbit Redux

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    May 14, 2014
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    About a 30 minute drive north of here is an area of hiking/biking trails called Rabbit Mountain, which is part of Boulder County Parks and Open Space. One of the features there is a ridge along the eastern edge with great views of the plains and of the rising sun. The challenges are that it's a 45-55 minute hike from the trail head and that the ridge area is only open from mid July to mid December due to golden eagle nesting. Also, in order to catch the sunrise it means starting out hiking at about 5:30 ....in the dark...and alone (nobody else was willing to join me on this...thought I was nuts!). Of course, at 5:30 you don't even know what the sunrise will be like, so that's a gamble, too. Undeterred, I went for it ...twice, no less! The first day was pretty okay....

    15985987362_34f6175db3_c.jpg DSC07265-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg by schusskabob, on Flickr

    15962067016_1e18e2bfcd_c.jpg DSC07353-Edit-Edit.jpg by schusskabob, on Flickr

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    15955927275_91ec29ba51_c.jpg DSC07416-Edit-2-Edit.jpg by schusskabob, on Flickr

    15789823667_846ab9a2b5_c.jpg DSC07428_HDR.jpg by schusskabob, on Flickr

    On the second day I went straight for the old dead trees....

    Also, had a few more clouds to reflect the light...

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    15368220413_9f91ced69d_c.jpg DSC07550-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg by schusskabob, on Flickr

    15802104247_7209ce60de_c.jpg DSC07502-Edit-2-Edit-Edit.jpg by schusskabob, on Flickr

    15347314024_1aef80b51f_c.jpg DSC07520-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg by schusskabob, on Flickr

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    15968931502_55b0c1a85e_c.jpg DSC07568-Edit-Edit.jpg by schusskabob, on Flickr

    Another challenge in doing this is that you have very little time to work, as the light changes very quickly. I'd love to go back there again (might be interesting with snow on the ground) but the ridge is now closed until next year.

    Thanks for looking,

    Most of the shots were with the Sony/Zeiss 24mm, Sony 10-18mm and Konica Hexanon 40mm.
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    What a lovely place to see the sun come up.
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    Yup, these are lovely! Well done :thumbup:
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