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    Apr 7, 2015
    Hey, is anybody out there shooting with a sony QX1 on the street? My thought is this would be the perfect setup for this genre. It is capable of being fired without interaction from your smartphone. If you dial in the settings for your lighting situation, put the phone away, then it just looks like you're carrying a lens. I'm thinking of trying one with the sigma 19mm and sony 10-18. What's up people, is anyone using this thing? This would be the ultimate weapon if they made it with the a7rii sensor! I'm just concerned that they aren't selling many of them, the possibilities of this design are significant

    Sony QX1 Mirrorless Lens-Style Digital Camera ILCE-QX1 B&H Photo
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    I haven't used one. But I'm not sure that I can get images that I like unless I can see what I'm photographing. So I'd always want to be looking at my phone's screen while shooting. I agree that having the A7RII's sensor in a box that size would be mind bending. But if I'm going to be hanging a Sony 10-18 off the end of some device, I think I'd rather be hanging it off the end of an A6000 than a QX1 and my iPhone.

    But I'm open to being convinced otherwise. A new gadget? Sign me up! :thumbup:
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    Apr 7, 2015
    With a wide lens like that, I would be more concerned with getting shots of interesting subjects quickly. I think you'd lose that looking through a viewfinder lining things up; I have an Olympus xa rangefinder that I shoot that way but it's 35mm. I think you would have a little more wiggle room in framing with a wide.
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    Jan 19, 2014
    Could always rent one and give it a go for a weekend.