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Review Quick review of the Meike MK-FA02 Off-Camera Flash Cord


TalkEmount All-Pro
Aug 16, 2014
Los Angeles, USA
For event photographers off-camera flash cords are a necessity to move the flash away from the camera to give a more natural look to flash photos. Due to Sony's multi accessory hot shoe port, I presume it makes it more difficult to make off-camera cords for Sony bodies. There is only one off-camera flash cord available and that's the Meike MK-FA02 which can be purchased on either Amazon or Ebay. Unfortunately they're quite expensive compared to other camera systems (ex: 3rd party Nikon off-camera flash cords can be purchased for under $10 USD). Anyways, I bought the Meike cord for $36.99 USD from Amazon: Meike MK-FA02 Off-Camera Flash Cord

I tested the Meike flash cord with the Godox TT685S flash connected to a Godox PB960 battery pack and I'm happy to report that TTL functions, flash zooming and continuous flash burst are flawless with this cord. TTL works great and you don't have to deal with wireless triggers that may lose connection. It sucks that it cost 3 times more than a Nikon or Canon flash cord, but if you're an event photographer shooting on the Sony system, this cord is highly recommended and is really your only option.

On the plus side, brands such as Godox were not available at the time when I was heavily shooting events in the early 2000s, and battery packs/cords from Quantum, Lumedyne, etc. were a very expensive investment. The cost of the Meike cord is offset by getting your flash and accessories from Godox!

Anyways, I hope that helps anyone who's looking to get an off-camera flash cord while retaining TTL functions! I feel the reviews on Amazon don't do the Meike cord justice probably due to user error or lack of experience using such accessories. ;)

Richard Crowe

TalkEmount Top Veteran
Sep 14, 2018
I was wondering if there was such a product...

I use either a Flashpoint Pro S TTL transmitter or a second Flashpoint/Godox flash as a transmitter for off camera flash use...

Jeep Captain

TalkEmount Regular
Dec 31, 2017
A few yrs ago I bought an off brand off camera flash cord for my Nikon D700 / SB900 combo. The cord actually got stuck on the body hot shoe and had to be destroyed to remove it.

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