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    Hello people.

    I'm interested in know if this lens vignetting or not to 16mm. I have readed some comments with the 'old' NEX (same another very wide lens, specially wit the NEX-7), but I dont know if have improved with the new cameras Axxxx, specially withe with A5100.

    And in general terms this lens have decent quality? I need a wide lens cheap. May be the Sigma 19mm is a better option although a little less angular.

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    Jan 26, 2013
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    Some people feel that the 16-50 is not a good lens, but others feel that it is quite acceptable, especially for the price, and I am one of those people. My copy has produced a number of very satisfactory images for me, such as the image here at:

    and the cruise ship image at:

    One advantage of the lens is that it is stabilized, which can be a help in low light. That floatplane image above was shot hand-held at 1/8 second and at 50mm, which is more challenging than if it had been shot at 16mm.

    On the other hand, the Sigma is reportedly an excellent lens. I do not have the 19mm Sigma, but I do have the 30mm Sigma (which was released at the same time to similar reviews) and I consider it to be very, very satisfactory and an incredible value.

    My personal opinion is that both of these lenses should give you satisfactory results unless you are an extreme pixel-peeper, which would favor the Sigma. If the difference in view between 19mm and 16mm is really important to you, I would recommend the Sony 16-50. From the standpoint of satisfaction with the results for people who are not extreme pixel-peepers, I would toss a coin to choose - although I would want to be able to take a few shots with the Sony before I bought it, just because of the people who say that they got an unsatisfactory copy.

    - Tom -
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    I see no vignetting from 16mm on my a6000. My copy seems to be a good one, the images have been quite detailed. It's a handy lens when size and weight matters. 16 does give a little more wideness to shots compared to the 19 sigma. I have it as well and it's sharp and low in distortion. But it lacks OSS. That won't matter if you are shooting landscapes with a tripod. But it is faster and works in low light and night shots better.
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    I don't have the 1650 (I'm on my 6th 1855, lol) but my copy of the 19mm Sigma is already very sharp in the center at f2.8 and the borders/corners follow stop by stop. At around f8 the corners are sufficiently sharp for huge landscape prints. However it's not the most flare resistant lens out there and lacks a bit in the 'character' department but that can be helped in post.
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    Nov 2, 2014
    I think the SELP1650 has a fair amount of vignetting and barrel distortion at wide angle setting before processing. The camera's processor does an excellent job of removing it. Sony's RAW converter software also removes it. I imagine all the major RAW processing apps have profiles for that lens as well, so vignetting and distortion shouldn't be an issue. Some of my favorite shots are with that lens.
    There's a good discussion here:
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    I appreciate the opinions and advice of all. :2thumbs:

    Just I order a A5100 with 16-50 used in excellent condition on Amazon and the price is unbeatable; U$289, I think I made a great buy.

    Now Im thinking sell my NEX-5N with Sigma 30 but no the SEL50F18 and the GH2 with 14-42, I'm not using these two cameras since I bought the GX7, a excellent camera. I dont like sell the Sigma 30mm f2.8 that only cost me U$100 and is excellent but difficult for my country get sell only the body of the NEX.
  7. Manu-4Vendetta

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    Apr 7, 2013
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    I'm a fool, wasnt the A51000 was the A5100, I canceled the order at Amazon. When I was buying the A5100 Amazon give me a button option fur buy used in excellent conditions and I thought it was the same camera for not reading. Now I have ot order newly.