Popular Disney/Travel Photog goes mirrorless

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    Tom Bricker, a popular photographer who travels the world with his lovely wife photographing Disney parks (and other spots) has moved from Nikon to Sony mirrorless (A7rii).

    I found Tom on another site years ago ( WDWmagic.com ) as I was planning a Disney family vacation. His photos of Walt Disney World left me amazed and was the main spark that inspired me to take on photography. Disney photography itself is a strong niche within the world of photography and Tom is considered one of the best at it.

    He's always been a Nikon guy - D7000, D610, D810, D750. Recently he's kicked around going mirrorless and looks like he's finally made the plunge. His latest posts explains why and goes over the plusses and minuses of the move without being a "cheerleader". I found it interesting and thought I would share. Welcome aboard Tom.

    Why I'm Going Mirrorless: Volume I - Disney Tourist Blog
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    nice read. thanks