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    Ok, I was waiting for a important phone call (they only have my home phone number) so I was tied to the house this afternoon/evening. So I decided to play a bit. I'll freely admit these have absolutely no artistic merit whatsoever, I just like to share what I learn when I play. ;) 

    First, I was struck by how prominent the thread lines in the table topper were in the very low angle light coming in the front window vs. the direct overhead light from the dining room light hanging over the table. The first shot is window light coming from the right rear of the camera an reflecting off the window blind directly in front of the camera.


    Looks quite different with the direct overhead light.

    Then, since I'm plotting a project this winter involving camera movements I dragged the m42 tilt adapter out and put the SMC Tak 50/1.8 on it to play with tilt to alter (in this case increase) DOF.

    The batteries are 4 feet apart, the camera was 5 feet from the near battery and was about 2 feet above the table. Camera was tilted very slightly down, and all shots were done at 4° of down tilt.

    First, the overall shot.

    Since they look very similar at web size I'll just show crops of the near and far batteries at different apertures. I could refine this more I'm sure by changing the tilt of either the camera, the lens, or both.

    First up, f/8, near first, then far (for all sets)


    And f/4


    And finally f1.8


    Pretty impressive, even at f/1.8. DOFMaster says the DOF at these settings is 0.17 feet. That's right at 2 inches if you don't want to do the math. Even at f/8 the DOF is only 0.78 feet, or 9.4 inches.

    Tilt has intrigued me for some time as a means to increase DOF at large apertures. I can't afford a dedicated tilt/shift lens, so I'm limited to the tilt adapter for now. Having decided that this is something I want to persue in more detail I have this project cooking that will involve destroying 2 cameras (trying to find non-functional copies) to get where I want to be. More on that later. Maybe. Seldom do my grand plans materialize, but I have my fingers crossed on this one. ;) 
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    LOL...commonplace with most of my stuff.

    Its amazing how different overhead lighting is from natural light.
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