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    Oct 8, 2013
    Finally got to a point where I forced myself to pull the plug on Photobucket.
    Just finished deleting almost 1500 photos I'd accumulated there over the past few years. Deleted Library folders and shut off the little periodic recurring payment for extra storage.

    Photobucket's system problems just never seem to end. Their customer support was never good to begin with, and now its become non-existent.
    Their photo editor has had a problem for a month now and they still haven't fixed it.

    And at this point in time after all the years, except for one forum, all the various forums I now participate in have their own direct PC upload capability like TalkEMount I no longer need any hosting site / storage capability on that scale.
    On the occasion I might post a photo on the one remaining forum that requires a hosting site, I'll upload it to Flickr, but even at that I'll only need to keep a handful of photos there at any given time and delete them out after a few weeks.

    Some good news is that Flickr also uses the Aviary Editor but its a year older version compared to the one at Photobucket that has more features...but I can get by with the old version for now.

    So my next step is to find a stand-alone PC based JPEG editor that (to me) is as good, simple, and quick to use as the current version of Aviary is online...and cut that final cord going through the network to use an online Editor...speed up my local workflow a little.

    I have Faststone, and GIMP installed...and because I depend on GIMP for its easy Infrared Red & Blue Channel Swap feature, I'll give it a good try first to see if I can get comfortable enough with its workings. All I ever use are the few basics for things like Hi Def / Light / Dark / Shadows / Contrast / Saturation / Sharpening, etc. My initial take trying them when I first got GIMP was that they had too many unnecessary keystrokes & mouse clicks compared to the speed and simplicity of Aviary, but maybe with practice it'll get or seem faster.

    Uhmmm...didn't realize I'd made this so long
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  2. roundball

    roundball TalkEmount Legend

    Oct 8, 2013
    The divorce is now official...I no longer have even a single lingering photo left at Photobucket.
    The dozen or so I had left were associated with some Classified ADs I had running and they've all sold now, so Photobucket is 100% purged. I've even deleted the shortcut from my desktop

    My locally installed "FastStone" editor is simply outstanding.
    Have processed a couple dozen shots through it now, have it customized to my liking and the workflow streamlined...very fast, efficient, and actually does a better job on JPEGs than even the online Aviary editor which was the best I'd found online (Flickr, Facebook, and Photobucket all use Aviary.)

    Spring is just around the corner so photo-ops will really start ramping is good !!
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