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Pentax Auto 110 Lenses on NEX


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Aug 30, 2011
Hi All,

I am looking to use Pentax Auto 110 lenses on an NEX (yes I am aware of the vignetting). I have been using these lenses on my E-P1 for the past while but I am not happy with the adapter I have. It is very cheaply made: the lenses don't fit tight into the mount, light can leak in where the lens mount release lever is located, and the lenses (primarily the 18mm and 50mm) look a little goofy because of the skinny 110 mount of the adapter which causes the lenses to stick out far from the camera body.

Actually it is my daughter who really loves to use these lenses. She prefers manual focus because then she gets to "choose what to focus on". Admirable for a 7 year old who can hardly sit still for more than a few seconds most of the time.

So I am looking for information on better quality adapters and any other advice for using these great little lenses on NEX.

Thanks in advance,


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Aug 25, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
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Phoenix Gonzales
Hi Ian

Adapters can be hit or miss with most adapters made in China and/or sold in eBay, this doesnt necessarily mean they're not good though, I bought my adapter there and and it has served me well (actually it's serving me still). I had a quick browse and a seller called Freylight is selling an adapter for the Pentax Auto 110 for 46.99 euros, they're located in Leipzig and they ship worldwide you may want to have a look at the item if you're interested (provided that you didn't buy the ill fitting, cheaply made, light leaking adapter you currently have from this seller in the 1st place :p). I also found one in amazon sold by rainbow imaging for 44.99 USD

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