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    While visiting the campus of Penn State University there are a few things I discovered; The campus is big, the campus is beautiful, and if you are a fan of ice-cream you must visit the "Creamery".

    As you approach the campus, the sight of a large football stadium rising from the hills and farmlands seems surreal.


    the Nittany Lion mascot is prominent on campus, as these sculptured paws in front of the art museum will attest.


    It seemed with every turn one found another example of impressive architecture.


    The color of this building was an interesting "pale green" but it was the curves that caught my eye.


    Did not have my tripod so I placed the camera on the edge of the fountain using my car keys under the lens to shoot up into the sun. I wish I could have kept the exposure open a bit more but I also didn't have an ND filter to help me.


    This building made you feel like it was the year 2050. The photo doesn't do it justice as it's more impressive in person.


    It was a beautiful Fall day and I enjoyed the contrast between old and new.


    Nittany flowers. The heads on the columns in the background are those of lions.


    Impressive Theater.


    A couple shots of Old Main...



    and the field in front...


    A Veterans memorial. The Greek is the Spartan saying " With it ( your shield ) or on it.


    More contrast.


    There was so much more to shoot but I ran short of time. I don't have an acceptable photo, but If you do happen to find yourself at PSU and in the Berkey Creamery and don't know what flavor ice-cream to try I highly recommend the "alumni swirl".

    All of these photos were taken with the NEX-7 + Sony Zeiss 24mm 1.8.
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    Lots of good coverage there !
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    Great photos!!!
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