Pancake lens vs Zoom lens


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I notice that Sony Nex always have front heavier problem, lens is always heavier that the Nex body itself.
I feel uncomfortable with heavier lens such as 18-200 that attach to the Nex body.
What do you guys think?
Should Sony introduce or focus more on pancake lens rather than heavy zoom lens?
I love pancake lens with large aperture, no doubt! ;)


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I would love to see a few more pancake lenses from Sony ... with better image quality than the 16mm. ;)

Back in the days when I was shooting with Pentax DSLRs, my favorite lenses were the Pentax DA Limited 40mm f/2.8 and the DA Limited 70mm f/2.4 primes. Those were great pancake lenses. I have no doubt that Sony is capable of making good lenses so it's just a matter of putting their engineers to work on creating such lenses for the NEX mount.


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Haven't used the 18-200so I can't comment but most of the other lenses seems to be roughly the same size or slightly smaller than the 18-55 (excepting the 55-210 that is) and I don;t feel that the camera-lens combination is unbalanced at all. I don't think the choice is between pancake lenses and 'heavy zoom lenses'. For a start, they aren't heavy (the NEX-5 and 18-55 together weigh less than the Tamron 17-50 lens that lives on my DSLR) and there is no reason why Sony can't make both and more kinds besides.

Right now I would like them to hurry up with the promised WA zoom and 'G' standard zoom and to bring out a 24 and a 35 1.8 that are affordable. I don't really care what size they are as long as they perform.

Henry Peach

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I want small primes. I like the size of the 16mm, and I'll tolerate the 18-55. I can still cram it all in a bag half the size as the smallest camera bag I had previously owned. I understand why zooms need to be big, but I don't understand why a tiny 35mm film Olympus Stylus Epic, or other 35mm format compact film cameras, can have such a small lens, and I can't get something similar for my APS-C format digital compact camera? I don't even like that some of the primes coming out are similar size as the 18-55 zoom. Any bigger than that, and for me the advantage of carrying the NEX over my DSLRs is gone.