Panasonic ZS100 Shutter Lag

Jeep Captain

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Dec 31, 2017
On somewhat of a whim, a couple weeks ago, I bought a Panasonic ZS100 pocket sized P&S camera. I wanted something that wouldn't be a problem getting into concerts (non-removeable lens) and would not be a PITA to carry around. I tried shooting a few shots of our 8 month old granddaughter last night. The shutter lag was hit or miss. By that, I mean sometimes I'd press the shutter button 1/2 way to grab the focus and hold it there until I was ready to shoot but it wouldn't shoot. I'd have to release the button then refocus and keep pressing to trip the shutter. Other times, It worked as I wanted. If I just turned the camera on, composed my shot then pressed the button through the 1/2 way point directly to the release position, it would work every time but not all were in focus. Not acceptable for me. I really wanted to like this P&S camera but after last night, I made the decision to send it back to Amazon.

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