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Panasonic DMC-FZ200


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Aug 22, 2012
Anyone got any thoughts on this? It sounds like the temptation killer: with equivalent 25-600mm constant f2.8, you can't argue you'll leave any distance untouched! :p

Thinking of getting this for my dad, he wants to downgrade from DSLRs (he's getting on and complains his Canon is heavy). He's always had a thing for zooms, he fixes a 18-250mm permanently (!) on his Canon and won't change to a kit lens or anything like that "just in case" (even though we live in crowded urban Singapore where I find it hard to justify shooting above 150mm (35mm equiv).)

So looking for something he could downgrade to, I could only find this that might cover his expectations. It is still a fairly hefty camera (though my Nex-5N with 18-200 on is heavier, and I calculated most m4/3s with long tele zooms would be heavier too). What might be the downsides? I can't seem to find any very thorough reviews except of the older fz150 and leica rebrand (which don't have fixed aperture)

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