Outing with FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS (A7R)

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    Jul 11, 2012
    Would like to share my little experience and impression with the FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS with my A7r.

    I am primarily a wide angle shooter( landscape ), and have been using prime for the most part since I moved to mirrorless(NEX) a few years ago. therefore I might not be the typical average zoom lens user. I had the E55-210mm but sold it since it didn't get much use, and just doesn't quite get the quality I want when wide open.

    I went on a whim and bought this lens, and here are a few samples that I took these few days during our outing. All photos are lightly processed in LR(I shoot RAW), and were sharpen in LR at ~40-50 (rest are default).

    14237923714_7b8c5c9504_c.jpg <br>tractor seasonby mirrorless_1der, on Flickr

    At the 70mm end, it is sharp wide open, the contrast was definitely much better than E55-210...well it better be..

    field of spring
    by mirrorless_1der, on Flickr

    The lens is pretty flare resistance even shooting toward the sun, still retain good contrast. I would say the details render(or kind of like the 24mm f1.8 on NEX-7) Its pretty good in a closer range, but with grass and foliage it still seems muddy for a lack of better words. However do take into account of the DOF of the zoom, not everything can be in focus the same time.

    The weakest range is at the long end. I found that the lens was very nice and sharp up to 185 range, but suffer at 200mm when everything is soften up. It helps to put in some local contrast back into the images at this end, but since most of my subject I shot on this set was quite far away, it could just be the camera just out resolved the lens. Comparing the above you can see the difference. (102mm vs 200mm)

    Blessed Tree2 by mirrorless_1der, on Flickr

    Field of blessing by mirrorless_1der, on Flickr

    At 200mm (this imgae its at raw as it gets. I just match the OOC jpeg output for color and just sharpen it up a little).(Note: I used small focusing point mostly, but still couldn't get the exact focus lock. I think it is my technique, if anyone can give me a tip of 2 how to improve how to use the AF that would be much appreciated! :eek: )

    Pasture by mirrorless_1der, on Flickr

    All being said, I couldn't get the next pic without this lens. I personally like it very much for some reason...it has motion blur but at the same time its not. I didn't know better there was a panning OSS mode :rolleyes: ... zoom lens newbie for you

    king of the pond by mirrorless_1der, on Flickr

    My short and brief encounter with this lens would be.

    +Very well built, and feature rich as the same class of lens in other brand
    +Image quality was good, have certain character. Good contrast
    +Sharp wide open at most of the range besides the extreme long end
    +flare resistance (I have a B+W UV filter in the front)
    +weather resistance

    - It a pretty serious glass and its heavy and big compare to other FE/E lens
    - AF is slow if it start hunting on my A7r (on low light)
    - a bit on the costly side
    - its white (it a personal thing ;))
    - "wish" it just a bit sharper at 190-200mm

    Hope you find this helpful as another data point for your decision!

    Note: I have thought of getting the SAL 135mm ZA f1.8 instead of this lens, but as I photograph landscape mostly, there are time when 135mm just don't give me the reach and its heavier with the adapter. Even some of the above images I could not take without the reach of 200mm.
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    That's some neat work
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    Mar 19, 2014
    Can't wait to get mine. Love the birds on the lake.

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    Jul 11, 2012
    thank you Dave :)
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    Nice shots. I wonder what the odds are of being where that rainbow and that tree lined up? :)
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    Jul 11, 2012
    i physically moved myself over to line them up ;)