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Opinions regarding Alpha Camera


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Sep 13, 2011
Now that Sony has made A-Mount Adapter with SLT Technology, I think Sony should ditch the whole Alpha DSLT because NEX with the adapter is just like the Alpha DSLT. Sony should just make NEX with a little more button/wheel (maybe one or two) to address the issue with NEX interface. Even for the people who don't have any problem with the interface, I think additional customizable buttons/wheels will help. The A-Mount adapter should have a couple of buttons and wheels too to give more control and speedy operation so that when the NEX is coupled with the adapter, the operation of the NEX will be as fast as Alpha DSLT and the NEX will have the same amount of dedicated customizable buttons as Alpha DSLT.

As for the Lens, I think Sony should differentiate the approach for E-Mount Lens and A-Mount Lens. I think for the E-Mount Lens, priority should be given to size and quality comes second. For the A-Mount Lens, the priority is Quality.

The downside of this approach is that the DSLT user won't have the in body stabilization avalaible in Sony DSLT. However, I don't think it would hurt so much since the price of Sony Lens without stabilization is not cheaper than other brand with stabilization. Also, third party lens for sony without stabilization is priced about the same as the equivalent lens with stabilization for other mount.

What do you guys think about this approach? Anyone agree? Anyone has a different oppinion? Is there a limitation that stops Sony from doing this?

I am a little bit curious about the short flange distance of NEX Camera. Everyone complains about the short flange distance and its impact to image quality. Do you guys think that Sony's decission to make NEX with the short flange distance is to make NEX able to use A-Mount Adapter with SLT Technology? Maybe if the flange distance is longer, there won't be enough space for the SLT in the adapter.


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Aug 16, 2011
Washington DC
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As a user of both E-Mount and A-Mount systems I couldn't possibly disagree more for reasons too numerous to list.


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Aug 8, 2011
Although I envy some of the lenses available for the standard Alpha mount, I have no interest in another DSLR system. The NEX system (particularly the NEX-7) is headed in the direction I want: professional-level image quality and features in a physically smaller camera.

Although modern Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Compacts (MILCs) are NOT the same thing as Leica rangefinders, I get the feeling that the camera world is moving in the direction where MILCs and DSLRs are used by working and advanced amateur photographers the way that film SLRs and rangefinders used to.

Back when I was working as a newspaper and magazine photographer the guys who used Leicas primarily did so because they liked the smaller cameras/lenses and it gave the same image quality as SLRs. Now that MILCs can deliver the same image quality as DSLRs and the performance/features are essentially equivalent we are going to end up with some photographers choosing DSLRs and other choosing MILCs the same way that some photogs used SLRs and others used rangefinders.

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