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One thing NEX-C3 has that 5N doesn't


New to TalkEmount
Sep 6, 2011
The 5N is definitely more bang for the buck than the C3, to the point that many are probably wondering why anyone really interested in photography would want the C3 given only $100 difference. But reading the respective manuals, I noticed that the C3 has one more programmable button than the 5N (the left button on the scroll wheel). Is that right? I wonder why the left button is not programmable on the 5N?


TalkEmount Rookie
Sep 6, 2011
Only if you're really short on money, I don't understand why one would buy a C3 when you get THE 5N for a few more bucks.
But what I see is people upgrading from point and shoot cameras entering a shop to buy the NEX, and will certainly get the cheapest because they'll not well aware of the differences. I't's later, while getting used to their NEX-C3, that they'll realise their mistake.

It's weird that the C3 as a supplementary programmable button, but it's not a big lose as I would miss the drive mode.

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