One of my favorite places to visit

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    Jan 26, 2013
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    One of my favorite places to visit - the Central Park Branch of the Public Library system in the city where I live.

    Located - strangely enough - in Central Park. :eek:

    All of the images were taken with my NEX-6 and an Industar 26m (50mm, f:2.8) from a Russian Fed-3 rangefinder that I have owned for many years.

    Just playing to see how well this lens would work on the NEX-6. Post-processing was basically minor cropping, and some highlight reduction in LR4 for a couple of the images. No flash used with either of the interior shots.

    Industar 26-600421.jpg

    Industar 26-600412.jpg

    Industar 26-600407.jpg

    Industar 26-600400.jpg

    Industar 26-600402.jpg

    - Tom -
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    Seems to work pretty well from what I see. :)
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    Feb 1, 2013
    Very cool Tom, I grew up there. Spent a lot of time there before the park was built, was a cool place to hang out. We also used to ride our skateboards down that circular walkway, it used to be out side. Thanx for sharing