Olympus OM 100mm f:2.8 on NEX-6

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    Jan 26, 2013
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    After playing with an Olympus 100mm f:2.8 that was loaned to me by a friend, I bought my own copy and took it out on a brief walk through Central Park on Sunday morning.

    Here are a couple of shots taken then - no attempt at great art, but just snapshots taken to evaluate the lens - although I do admit to a fondness for the shot of the fisherman. Part of that may be that the reeds are still distinct in the full-size image.

    I'll post couple of shots of the lens on my NEX-6 over in the thread for that. This is a SMALL 100mm lens and it would look even smaller on the NEX if the adapter were not present. The adapter makes up over 40% of the total length of the lens/adapter combination - with a 100mm lens . . .

    - Tom -

    Olympus 100mm-1.jpg

    Olympus 100mm-2.jpg
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    I looked at this lens before I got my M-Rokkor 90, but decided I was going all rangefinder for my MF lenses. I may still pick one of these up later though. It's an impressive little package.
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    I love my Nikkor 105mm macro, but it is pretty big and heavy. A nice small & light legacy 100mm would be very nice to have!