Showcase Olympus 28mm F/2.8 Zuiko OM Auto-W

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    Nov 24, 2013
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    You have to have used this little Gem of a lens to appreciate it. It is compact, light weight, has smooth one finger operation, 28mm, has very good Image Quality,resolves really well for its age and I spent only Rs.2000/- (about US $ 33) in Dec 2013. To nitpick, I've noticed CA wide open and the "OM-NEX" Adapter doubles the length of the lens, due to the large 46 mm Flange-to-Film distance of the OM Mount. We'll start with a few photos of the Lens mounted on my NEX-5R. The photos below were taken with my OPO w/o flash and under a 36W tube light 10 feet away. Pics are cropped and resized.

    IMG_1. IMG_2. IMG_3. IMG_4.

    Shot the Pic below last Sunday, in my attempt at achieving hyperfocal distance. I think I've got it 80% right. Trouble was, I set the ISO to 400 by mistake and the picture had washed out highlights. Didn't realise that due to simmering focus peaking. Used Rawtherapee to bring the details back.




    The grills in the above image were about 90 feet away.


    The man in the above image was about 60-70 feet away.

    The compound wall of the park (beyond the stem of the tree) was about 150 feet away.

    The next Pic was shot properly and no PP was done. You'd love the colors the NEX produces with this little lens. What do you guys say about the bokeh? I'm curious.


    Don't you think this IS a sharp lens ?

    The following pic was shot as I was driving and coming down a fly-over at a slow 20 km/hr speed and could spot the shapes and contrast. The NEX controls are so nifty, I could easily select the B/W mode thro' the Fn button, increase the shutter speed, aim and shoot. Light early morning traffic also was extremely helpful.



    Pretty neat resolution for such an old lens. My hyperfocal attempts started early in the day, when I noticed the lighting in my house thro' the almost fully drawn curtains. Chose "Cloudy" to get some Golden tint :) Resulting pic is below:
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    Another great looking legacy lens.
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    This was shot at our Cos car parking lot. As I was walking to my car, the reflections from wind-shields caught my attention. In spite of F/11 (or was it F/16 ???), the light was too strong. Used ND2 & ND4 and CPL filters to control reflections. The shutter speed finally was a decent 1/30 seconds.


    See three guys near top left corner ? They were probably 80-90 feet away. I can recognise two of them. Two Sun Stars give them company. Look at the micro contrast (correct terminology ??) in the stone wall behind them.


    For such an old legacy lens, the corner sharpness is pretty good. I mean in the crop below:


    Its very difficult not to like this lens.