Old hardware store in Templeton CA


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Feb 17, 2015
My brother is moving to Templeton and I've been helping get the new place ready to live in. While we were at lunch the other day, I noticed an old hardware store across the street from the restaurant where we were eating. I asked if he'd ever been there. He hadn't so we mosied on over to check it out after finishing our lunch. It is an old fashioned hardware store that reminded us of the old one in Santa Monica where we grew up. I'll do a photo shoot of the town and include this store in it when I get the time after he moves in. But I wanted to share a picture I took of the time lock on the old safe they had inside the store. As an ex-machinist, I have an appreciation for the work that goes into something like this.

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They also had a collection of old tools sitting in one of their front windows.
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This is the kind of store places like Home Depot and Lowes have tried to put out of business. I don't think there is anything you couldn't buy at this store or at least have them get it for you.

Richard Crowe

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Sep 14, 2018
I do business at a small local hardware store and it is amazing the selection that they have and the personal service that they provide. I stopped off there today to get one 3/8 x 16 bolt - one and a half inches long. This was a 24-cent purchase but, the owner went onto the floor and located the bolt for me.


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Sep 10, 2015
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Same here, local family-owned place. Everyone there (including the owner) is very helpful for clueless people like me, even for the odd bolt, nut, screw, whatever. I don't know how they can keep all that stuff on hand, I would not think there is enough volume. But they always seem to have whatever I need.

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