Norah Head Lighthouse

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    Feb 5, 2014
    Got away for a few nights with the better half earlier this week, staying in the lighthouse keepers cottage at Norah Head Lighthouse on the NSW Central Coast. Beautiful place for a quiet getaway and to give the NEX 6 a workout. I predominately used the PZ16-50 for this trip. I've not really jelled with this lens since I got the NEX 6, I think its just the power zoom the I don't like but decided to leave the SEL18-55 at home and give the PZ lens a chance. Also had E16mm and UWA convertor for some wides if needed. I dragged myself out of bed every morning before sunrise and the results were worth the effort, being was greeted with three magnificent mornings followed by some great sunsets at the end of the day. Even managed to get the better half up for one sunrise.

    Mandatory history lesson first.
    The Norah Head Lighthouse was the last significant lighthouse built in New South Wales, a 27 m tower, completed in 1903 after a considerable numbers of ships foundered on the coast near the headland. Originally it was powered by a kerosene concentric wick lamp and still today it features a 2nd order bivalve Fresnel lens prism floating on a mercury bath. At first, the prism was rotated by descending weights, but the light was electrified in 1961 and fully automated in 1995. The light flashes once in 15 seconds, and is visible to 27 nautical miles (50 km), the focal plane is located at 46 m above sea level. For coastal shipping, two additional light signals are shown: a red light in the northeast sector, emitted from 39 m above the sea and a green one towards southwest, emitted from 44 m; both are continuous.

    Lighthouse at dawn.
    View attachment 44549 Morning Reflection by scotty-70, on Flickr

    14294194321_caea923e03_b.jpg Norah Head at First Light by scotty-70, on Flickr

    Sunrise from Soldiers Point looking North towards the lighthouse. First with E16MM and UWA convertor.
    14110604889_a5051871ee_b.jpg Soldiers Point by scotty-70, on Flickr

    Then with PZ1650
    14295397002_d86e3bd541_b.jpg Soldiers Point Sunrise by scotty-70, on Flickr

    14317430283_fdf0a746cd_b.jpg Soldiers Point by scotty-70, on Flickr

    Lighthouse at sunset.
    14296835434_dc62931b0d_b.jpg Norah Head Lighthouse by scotty-70, on Flickr

    Lighthouse Silhouette
    14110651197_e320ce054b_b.jpg Lighthouse Silhouette by scotty-70, on Flickr

    View attachment 44563 Norah Head Sunset by scotty-70, on Flickr

    View attachment 44565 Afternoon Delight by scotty-70, on Flickr

    Some randoms shots from around the rocks.
    14110677897_3c6d8c37f5_b.jpg Sunrise on the Rocks by scotty-70, on Flickr

    14110771980_2ed8fe688d_b.jpg Sunrise Splash by scotty-70, on Flickr

    14110932097_2ceb5dccaa_b.jpg Fisherman's Delight by scotty-70, on Flickr

    View attachment 44573 Early Bird by scotty-70, on Flickr
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    Always found lighthouses fascinating, just don't have any around in the middle of the southwest.

    Great work.
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    Awesome work! Brilliant colors...

    I'm curious about your experience with the 16-50 PZ.. Did you experience any vignetting that you had to crop out at it's widest angle? Again.. very enjoyable images.
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    Stunning shots southy, definitely front page worthy. :)
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    Looks like some previous posts in this thread got deleted when it moved. So I'll say it again. Magnificent! :clap2:
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    Feb 5, 2014
    Thanks for the comments, I really enjoyed this few days shooting and couldn't have asked for better weather.

    Believer, the 1650 does vignette at the widest end but lens correction in Lightroom fixes it easily. For my landscape shots I nearly alway crop to 16x9 ratio anyway as I like how it give an almost pano feeling. An added bonus of doing this is the corners (that some complain is a week point on the1650) are chopped off.

    I think the 1650 lens preforms great for a kit lens, and is conveniently compact but I still dislike the power zoom. The way I handle the camera I find myself accidentally zooming at times when I'm trying to frame a shot. That being said I'm so happy with the NEX 6 I have my Canon gear for sale. I've just picked up a NEX5R body cheap on sale as a second camera which I will put the 1650 on for an even more compact setup and plan on getting the Zeiss 16-70 for the NEX6.
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    same here, and again simply stunning.
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    Sorry, I didn't realize you had to catch all the posts when you moved one to the front page. I thought they all followed along automagically. :frown:
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    Wow, excellent set of photos indeed!!! :thumbup: