No more video time limit on clips! YeY!

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    Feb 26, 2012
    It arrived today, a remote for my a7 (works with all the NEX cameras too) that enables the camera to shoot longer.
    Its a clever idea actually: Our camera video clips are limited to 29.9 min right? then the camera stops.
    Witch is a pain when I'm shooting my bands concert for example...
    What this remote does is, when video time limit is almost up, it stops the camera and orders it to start recording another clip! and again and again.. until the battery dies out or the card is full.
    The product is called infiniREC and I got it at this website:

    It works by infrared so you just set it near your camera, no need for a physical connection, but I prefer to velcro it to the camera.
    I was worried about the camera overheating and stopping, (I had a NEX 7 with that problem), but you can set the remote to record shorter clips, or do pause longer between clips. Anyhow, with my older NEX 7 i just used some heat-sink aluminum plate beneath the screen and the overheating problem never bother me again.
    This system is not perfect, because you do get a few seconds gap between the clips so the camera can record the clip to the card. But it is way better to loose a couple of seconds of a show, then just get the first 29 min of it. Anyhow if you have a 2 camera setup, you can set them recording both at different times, and you'll always have footage with no gaps of the entire show between the 2 cameras.
    I already had a time-lapse remote from this company, so they e-mail me about this new product.
    They claim they will get an infiniREC remote for every major brand of cameras, but on the website for now, they only have for SONY and CANON cameras.
    I think that NIKON cameras will be more difficult because you can't remote control movies on it, isn't?
    I'll post some video of the remote when I get the time, but for now, you can check the video on the company website:
    I tested it right out of the box for a 2 hour shoot, and had no problems. But you can tweak the default values on the remote if you want. I'll probably set it for shorter delays between clips next time.
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