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Discussion in 'Lighting Forum' started by robbie36, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. robbie36

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    Nov 21, 2014
    A few thoughts on the Di700a Nissin flash with Air Commander. This is pretty much the only option for off camera TTL/HSS for Sony.

    Things to like
    1) Good build quality in general - probably better than the Yongnuo 560iii
    2) Very simple and intuitive interface. It is pretty similar to the i40.
    3) Air commander has a pilot like which means you are not likely to leave it switched on accidentally
    4) Removable battery pack will prove popular for some people
    5) The Air Commander has a focus assist light

    Things not to like
    1) Really it is too big to use comfortably on camera. Size wise it is almost exactly the same weight and size as a Yongnuo 560iii
    2) The Sony hotshoe is plastic and flimsy
    3) TTL only does =/-2 range (not enough for heavily backlit occasions).
    4) No stofen included like with the i40 and a 560iii stofen doesnt fit
    5) No top hotshoe on the trigger to mount a flash on top of the trigger on the camera.

    (There is a work around for the TTL range in that you can add additional FEV in camera.)

    Recycle is pretty slow from full power - about 15 seconds. However the capacitor works well. At 1/2 you can take another shot in 1/2 a second. At quarter power 3 shots consecutively etc..

    Overall there is little to complain about. The biggest drawback is probably its size which doesnt make it great on-camera with the A7. Ideally I would like something somewhere between the i40 and the Di700a.

    Value wise it is obviously good value as the only real TTL/HSS off camera radio wireless flash available. Whether itis worth nearly double the cost of a Yongnuo 560iii + 560tx is dependent on whether you think HSS and TTL are valuable to you.
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  2. metalmania

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    Dec 3, 2014
    I am still waiting for my pre-order to ship. I don't intend to use it on camera so size-wise the bigger the better. I would hate the plastic shoe.
  3. dmward

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    Mar 21, 2015
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    Speedlites on camera are by definition big, and clumsy. The smaller ones are too small to provide the power required.

    The Air Commander is intended to be the on-camera controller and is about the same size as the Canon unit.

    The missing feature that I find most distressing is not being able to make an on-camera Di700a a master to fire remotes via the NAS radio.
  4. Zlatko

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    Aug 18, 2015
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    Zlatko Batistich
    Can you comment on the focus assist light, please — is it really bright? I have the i40 and feel that the focus assist light is too bright when used in a typical indoor evening setting. I'm sure that brighter helps for autofocus, but it can also look annoying to subjects. Canon flashes like the 430 and 600 have a more subtle light. So I'm wondering whether the Di700 is very bright like the i40 or more subtle like the Canon flashes. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.