Nikon AFS 20 f1.8 G lens on Sony A7

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    I have been testing this lens on my A7, for landscapes and starscapes. I borrowed a friend's copy after reading very positive reports. So far, I like what I get with it, and given the paucity of FE options, I would say that it is a very valid option.

    Being a G lens, it means that there is no aperture ring; therefore, one must control the aperture using the respective ring on the adapter (I use a Novoflex one). At first it seems a bit strange, but after a while it is easy to control. As one turns the ring it is easy to count the f stops by looking at the way the shutter speed changes.

    In short, a superb wide angle lens, fast, solid-enough build, and easy to operate. And not too expensive either. I think a future Loxia in this range will have to deliver a lot to compete with the Nikon; if Zeiss releases a Loxia 21 f2.8, or Loxia 18 3.5, well, the Nikon is f1.8 already... View attachment 15578
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    Oct 11, 2012
    Beautiful results from this lens and I must say that scenery in photo #1 is amazing!!!