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    Jan 25, 2014
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    Moonlit Hilton Head Island - 2 shots on this one. The beach has no lights as Hilton Head has strict light pollution laws. The moon was so bright that balancing the exposure for the moon and the rest of the dark scene was challenging. Also I had a small led flashlight turned on and in my pocket. Otherwise I scared others as they approached someone just standing in the dark. I didn't realize the impact the light in my pocket would have on the scene. It really lit the life guard chair. It was by accident, but I like the effect. In the end I exposed for the moon and then the rest of the scene separately and combined the images in post. The latter resulted in a 2 1/2 minute exposure @ ISO 100.

    15198832756_34ecc73b0d_c.jpg By the light... by iShootPics (westOkid), on Flickr
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    That's cool - the light painting of the chair worked out well. It's something I do in quite a few of my night shots when I want a nice starry sky and then some highlighted foreground details - just blast it with an LED :)
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